Below are some typical examples of projects GTI has completed for clients.


Automated Build

Create an automated (& repeatable) build for a web server running Stronghold (Apache SSL) on Solaris using Jumpstart.

Prepare Strategy Document

Prepare document to define future IT Strategy. Detailing technologies, threats, opportunities, etc.

Project Management

Project planning & budget control, manage tasks within a project, manage internal & external resources, issue tracking.

Server Installs

Initial install of server (both the physical hardware install and the software install). These builds have included Digital UNIX, Red Hat Linux, Solaris, Solaris x86, Windows NT & Windows 2000.

Server Lockdown

Ensure server is fully patched, remove unnecessary software, fix known vulnerabilities, restrict default permission, etc.

System Integration

Connect front-end web server to legacy backend server using middleware applications and custom software.

System Management

Provide day to day management & monitoring of existing servers. This includes such tasks as adding users, performing backups, monitoring disk usage, installing patches and system upgrades.

Some examples of systems we have managed are Digital UNIX, Red Hat Linux, Solaris, VAX, Windows NT & Windows 2000.

System Tuning

Increase system performance by adjusting kernel parameters, disk layout, memory allocation, etc.

Web Site Creation

Design & build corporate web site.

Web Site Usability Report

Prepare a report detailing the performance of a web site, ease of navigation, broken links, inconsistent design, etc.